GeoData Plus is a data source used by thousands of real estate professionals. GeoData’s clients are appraisers, real estate agents, investors, mortgage companies and tax reduction professionals. Services include detailed property reports, sales comparables, foreclosures, mortgages, telephone numbers, for sale/for rent listings and maps.

Very nice people, great customer service! Love the fact that all the information I need in the field is right at my finger tips! Absolutely LOVE the Nassau County Zoning maps, no more zoning headaches!! Caroline Eaton Nassau Appraisal Services

For over a decade, GeoData Direct has been my primary data source. It has consistently been the most accurate and up to date data source and my most important tool. It is completely online so there is nothing to download and accessible from any mobile device. With gas prices being what they are and time being tight, this is very important when in the field and need comparables. Pricewise, this service is unbeatable! I HIGHLY recommend GeoData Direct! Terrance Layne Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser

I have subscribed/used GeoData for over 10 years and it has helped me grow my appraisal business tremendously with superior information and data in all the 5 Boroughs and Long Island...thank you Geo!! John Viscusi JV Inspections

GeoData is an incredible resource tool for real estate professionals. Even if you are not yet a PRO, it will make you look like one! I've been using GeoData for over seven years. I am pleased with the product. I am usually very busy and do not have time to visit multiple sites to compile the research needed to make an investment decision. GeoData gives you everything needed under one system. Erik Wind, who is the man behind this great product; is available and hands-on with customer needs. Joan Adams CENTRUM REAL ESTATE, INC

If you want to set yourself apart from other agents, use GeoData Plus! Christina Napoli Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Surf

For over a decade Redvision has utilized GeoData’s information. It is our go to resource to locate premises that are difficult to find and verify old assessment and owner information. In addition, having access to Nassau County Zoning Maps and flood zone information that we would have to get elsewhere is a big time saver. It’s great to have all the information you need conveniently in one place. Sanford Bleich Red Vision Systems

I've owned appraisal companies for over a decade now, I have always found GeoData to be a superior product as compared to their competitors. GeoData always produces superior results when doing comparable searches, also it can locate properties that are hard to find due to its flexible search criteria. The fact that its web based is fantastic, if you need data while out in the field, you can use any mobile device which connects to the internet. GoeData will always be my first choice. Raymond Chetti New York Appraisal One, Inc

As a long time user I find this to be my initial go to source for property data. For me it’s the most up to date and complete resource for sales, mortgage, and assessment data on the web. Frank Aragona Bellport Village

GeoData has been at the forefront of real estate appraisers’ needs for many years due to its simplicity of use, accuracy/timely updates of data provided and affordability. Continued efforts by management to improve on a good product ensure it will stay at the top of the class. Albert Zenou Bayside Appraisers, Inc

I have been using GeoData for a number of years as my exclusive data resource in NYC and Long Island. I am very happy with it and recommend it with confidence. Jeffrey Beal Real Estate Solutions



GeoData Plus is best known as a data source for sales comparables in New York. Have you seen an appraisal recently? If so, there’s a pretty good chance that GeoData was one of the sources cited.



GeoData is more than just comps. Thousands of New York real estate professionals use GeoData every day to find their next deal, verify ownership, taxes, or see if a property has any foreclosures on it



In addition to being a reliable source of property data, GeoData Plus will continue to be a pioneer in the business.  Recent examples are ACI/WinTotal integration, and their Nassau County zoning map.



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