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Wells Fargo Offers Re-Boot Camp at Valuation Expo 2015

Posted on 06/18/2015 by GeoData Plus

We want to share with you some exciting news regarding the upcoming Valuation Expo. We heard that Wells Fargo is offering a Re-Boot Camp on Monday, June 29th, for new and seasoned appraisers. After an interesting conversation with one of our friends at Wells Fargo, we gleaned some key points we know will interest you.

Included to appraisers who have purchased a full conference pass, Wells Fargo is offering six sessions that will close the communication gap between lender and appraiser.

Key topics:

– How to utilize technology within the appraisal process. This will cover everything from being more efficient with orders to regression analysis.
– Solving complex appraisal challenges.
– Communicating effectively within appraisal reports.
– Appraising high end homes.
– What the QC process looks like after you send an appraisal to your client.

Rick Langdon, Chief Residential Appraiser for Wells Fargo, was one of the rock star presenters at the 2014 Valuation Expo. This year, Rick will not only be speaking, but is also organizing the boot camp. This fact alone reassures us that all attendees will benefit from game-changing insights and knowledge.

If you haven’t purchased your conference pass yet, please visit and use our promo code GEODATA to receive 10% off of your pass.

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