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Updated Nassau County Property Report

Posted on 08/26/2014 by Erik Wind

As many of you know, GeoData Direct recently enhanced both its Suffolk County Property Report and New York City Property Report. It should come as little surprise that Nassau County was next.

The first round of changes for Nassau County has been mostly cosmetic, matching the same sleek, simple design used for Suffolk and NYC. Like the others, of course, it’s also responsive so that the report looks really nice on your phone or other handheld devices.

The changes weren’t completely cosmetic, however. We added outdoor building and yard improvements, which includes information on detached garages, pools, sheds, decks, and other structures that are located on the property but not part of the main building. Here’s a sample:

Click here for the sample Nassau County Property Report

In the coming weeks, you can expect further enhancements to Nassau County. Keep your eye on our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest news.

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