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Prospecting is Now a Little Easier

Posted on 08/30/2016 by Erik Wind

While GeoData is well known as a source for all kinds of property data used for valuation and research, it’s also useful as a prospecting tool. Our latest feature just made prospecting a little easier.

Some time ago, we added telephone numbers to our property reports. That was great, but you needed to look at individual property reports to get telephone numbers. Not anymore.

Just perform any search available in GeoData (property search, lis pendens, sales, mortgage, listings, etc.) and then press the “Display Telephone Numbers” button. This will produce a single report of all telephone numbers listed at every property in your search results.

This, along with the ability to easily print Avery mailing labels directly from GeoData are just a few more ways GeoData makes your prospecting work just a little easier.

If you like this tool, give us a call to add it to your subscription.

Here’s a short video that goes into more detail on this new feature:

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