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Zip Code 12058 Property Data

Zip Code 12058
  • Number of Residential Properties:590
  • Number of Commercial Properties:5
  • Average Age of a Single Family Home:1965
  • Average SqFt of a Single Family Home:4,282
  • Total Residential Sales in 2019: 36
  • % of those sales foreclosure related:14%
  • Total Residential Sales in 2018:32
  • % of those sales foreclosure related:6%

Median Sale Price of a Single Family Home in 12058

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  • The owner or owners of the property, and how to contact them.
  • Building characteristics such as square footage and room count.
  • Zoning.
  • Sales and mortgage history.
  • Pre-foreclosures and auctions, both past and present.
  • Sales comparables.
  • Telephone numbers and more.

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