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New York State Building Energy Codes Now Available

Posted on 07/31/2014 by GeoData Plus

GeoData members accessing Nassau and Suffolk County will soon notice that we updated our information to reflect the Building Energy Codes Program (2009 IECC) adopted by New York State in 2010 and the Energy Codes adopted by the various municipalities on Long Island. For those who may not be aware what these Energy Codes reflect we thought we would write a short primer.

What is the “Building Energy Codes Program”?
The NYS Energy Conservation Code of 2010 establishes minimum requirements for energy-efficient construction using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. These codes stipulate how energy efficient a building (residential and commercial) must be. These NYS requirements are the minimum standards and allow for lower levels of governments, townships, and villages to adopt more stringent standards.

Some of the more common (and well known) standards adopted by the various Long Island municipalities that you may have heard of are Energy Star, Green Globes, LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), and NAHB Green (ICC700 National Green Building Standard). Most everyone has come across an Energy Star rating on many of your household appliances. Now, depending on what municipality you live in, you may even be required to buy appliances which meet certain Energy Star standards.

GeoData realizes that this information may seem daunting at first, so we’re giving you an easy place to start. As all NYS Building Codes now reflect energy efficient standards every property you search will offer a hyperlink to that municipality’s Building Code. Whether you’re a developer, real estate appraiser, salesperson, broker, contractor, attorney or homeowner you’ll now be able to seamlessly garner information on these updated codes. GeoData is starting with Long Island and will start adding upstate municipalities soon. You can ask for crowdsourcing assistance here or shoot an email to your upstate members to see if they can give GeoData information on upstate building code changes.

Why does Energy Efficiency matter?
Getting more from the energy used in households and businesses saves money and hopefully will increase values. Residential and commercial buildings built or renovated after 2010 must comply with these higher Energy Standards. By definition they should use less energy, electricity, and water, leading to lower maintenance and expenses and a higher value in the market. This is just information on NYS building codes; meeting certain standards may allow you to qualify for certain Federal, State and local tax incentives.

For more information on Energy Efficiency here are some helpful links:

This article was written with assistance from June Kerr, a real estate appraiser and instructor specializing in the valuation of sustainable, energy efficient & LEED buildings.

You can connect with June on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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