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GeoData Plus Enhances its Nationwide Valuation Tools with Xome®

Posted on 07/02/2019 by GeoData Plus
GeoData Plus Enhances its Nationwide Valuation Tools with Xome®

Nationwide MLS Content Now Enhances GeoData Plus

Through its strategic alliance with Xome Inc., a national brokerage, GeoData Plus has added licensed MLS content (where available) to property reports. In addition to providing public record property data on all real estate in the US (via our nationwide expansion), GeoData Plus and Xome now provide augmented property reporting throughout the United States.

How Have Property Reports on GeoData Plus Changed? 

GeoData Plus already has the following property data in our property valuation tools: owner(s) with contact information, square footage, room count, zoning, sales / mortgage history, pre-foreclosures / auctions (past & present), and sales comparables. In addition to all of that, we now offer MLS listing history.  

Property Listings MLS Feed

MLS content provisioned under license on behalf of Xome Inc. brokers at


Why Is Providing MLS Listing History So Important?

During the property research and valuation process, real estate professionals often refer to public record(s) and MLS as two completely separate sources. GeoData Plus now provides a seamless and integrated experience, combining both public record data, and Xome-sourced MLS content.

Many MLS systems have public record data sources within their system, but some are not seamlessly integrated with the listings provided by the MLS. This forces the real estate practitioner to perform entirely new searches every time, for every property.

Conversely, if a real estate professional commences a search for property data in a public record system, there may be little-to-no direct integration with MLS listings and the information the MLS provides.

Gathering enough valuable information from both sources requires quite a bit of time and effort. 

What Is GeoData Plus Doing Differently?

In most cases, real estate professionals start their search for sales comparables with MLS listings, identify the most relevant comps, and then cross reference those comps against public record(s). This approach is generally effective; however, if properties are sold outside of the MLS, the chances of missing an essential sale comparable is very high.

In contrast, GeoData Plus collects every recorded sale. When one searches for comps in GeoData Plus, they see sales that are recorded through public records data and the MLS.

When GeoData Plus users perform a comp search, they see every sale, and each sale indicates the following information:

- If the property was listed in the MLS and at what price and date

- Days on market as calculated using the public record sale date 

- The percentage above or below the initial asking price, based on the public record sale price

MLS content provisioned under license on behalf of Xome Inc. brokers at

GeoData Plus continues its commitment to be an all-in-one provider of vital real estate information. The strategic alliance with Xome further enhances the online service as a game-changing, robust property data source that aggregates reliable, verified public record data, and MLS content into one easy-to-use system.

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