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Looking for Your Next (or your first) Foreclosure Deal?

Whether you’re new to real estate or a battle-hardened professional, you likely know that there’s an opportunity to make money working with distressed properties. If you have the skills and/or nerve to take on these kind of properties, you may be able to turn a profit in this sector as an investor, agent, appraiser, lender, or through some other angle.

Throughout New York City, Long Island and New Jersey, there are many local governments, publications, and private sources that might have some of these potential deals, with limited information. But where can you find one source of data that brings you a large number of foreclosures, along with enough information to know if they’re a good deal?

GeoData has tackled this very problem. We have a system that thousands of real estate professionals, such as real estate agents and investors, use every day to obtain and evaluate distressed properties.

With our lis pendens search tool (lis pendens is another term for a pre-foreclosure), you can search any part of Long Island, New York City, or New Jersey for recent lis pendens. From there, you can find detailed information on any one those properties such as the owner, telephone numbers, sales and mortgage history, and if the property is currently listed for sale.

Click here for sample property report in Suffolk County that’s facing foreclosure. Properties in Nassau County, New York City and New Jersey, have similar information.

In addition, you can search for comparables, which allows you to easily determine if this property is a good deal or not.

You can try GeoData with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, just say the word, and you’ll receive your money back. Subscriptions start for as little as $15 per month

You can also ask to schedule a demonstration, so that a representative can show you everything available in GeoData.

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