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There are a number of ingredients you need in the recipe to becoming a rockstar real estate agent. One of the most important pieces of this recipe is the data you access, use and present. Every day, thousands of real estate agents trust GeoData Plus to give them the competitive data edge they need to reach homeowners, research properties, and get more listings.

Make Your Listing Presentation Bulletproof

It is not uncommon for real estate agents to only source comps from the MLS. But, what happens when the homeowner has done their homework, and has identified the perfect sold comp across the street– but the sale wasn’t in the MLS because it was sold as a FSBO, iBuyer, pocket or exclusive listing? Sure, the listing agent who had no knowledge of that sale can say “it wasn’t in the MLS” or “it probably wasn’t an arms-length transaction” – but the truth is that listing agent has now lost all credibility with the homeowner, who in their mind knows more about what’s going in the market than the agent does. Why would the homeowner hire that agent to sell their home? They won’t.

Real estate agents who use GeoData Plus don’t have that problem. GeoData Plus collects all sales regardless of whether or not they sold through the MLS. Agents can use the simple but powerful comparable search to identify the best sold and listed comps on any property.

The valuation doesn’t end there. Agents also have access to the GeoData Plus market analysis tool. With a few clicks, the agent chooses the best comps, and a presentation ready market analysis is created, with market driven adjustments to produce a value that is easily explained to the homeowner. GeoData Plus also has access to multiple automated valuation models (AVM’s) from some of the leading providers in the country. When you bring all of this together, it’s easy to see why any agent using GeoData Plus can look like an authoritative powerhouse in any market.

Good Research Becomes Effortless

Whether it’s your listing or a property you’re trying to learn more about, having the right information on a property can make all the difference. How many times do you find yourself frustrated over not knowing the right square footage, taxes, or other important information on a property?

With GeoData Plus, you can look up any property, and get over 300 points of information on it. A typical GeoData Plus property report tells you the ownership of the property along with contact details, building and lot information, taxes, zoning, flood zone, sales history, mortgage balances, any active and past listings and liens, along with multiple automated valuations on the property.

From there, you’re just a click away to finding the best sold and listing comparables for this property.

Finding Leads and Marketing is Easy and Works

With access to 150 million+ residential and commercial properties and a nationwide foreclosure database, it’s no surprise that agents find their next transaction by using GeoData Plus. Agents can search all the most recent pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank owned properties. Not looking for distressed properties? Search for properties by drawing on a map, most recent sold or list date, occupancy, property type, size, and more. GeoData Plus can help you find or grow your niche.

Once you’ve identified your leads, GeoData Plus makes it easy to jump start your direct response or cold call campaigns with various prospecting tools.

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  • Quickly prospect for your next deal by identifying hundreds of thousands of distressed properties and foreclosures

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