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Streamline Your Process & Win More Tax Reduction Cases

If you have a tax grievance company, you know better than anyone that your business relies on your ability to get the right assessed value. With GeoData Plus, you can access the best property data for tax grievance cases and streamline your entire process. We can help you ensure accurate values and get more business.

Eliminate Your Valuation Doubts

Most tax grievance professionals rely on sources of data that wouldn’t be used for an appraisal. So why would they work for an assessment? GeoData Plus takes any uncertainty out of the equation, and instills confidence in your valuations, with accurate sales comps and comprehensive property data. We collect all sales, both in and out of the MLS, and we offer a powerful search tool that identifies real estate comparables.

Along with helping you determine property value, we help you defend it. With just a few clicks, you can produce a presentation-ready market analysis, with market driven adjustments (or your own adjustments) that produce a value that is easy to explain to even the toughest hearing officer. GeoData Plus also provides you with access to multiple automated valuation models (AVM’s) from some of the leading providers in the country.

Find Under-Assessed Properties Effortlessly

We provide detailed, accurate property data for tax grievance professionals, with assessor data on 150 million+ residential and commercial properties around the nation. You can expand your marketing by searching for properties by assessed value, most recent sale, property type, building characteristic and more. Once you’ve identified your leads, GeoData Plus makes it easy to jumpstart your direct response or cold call campaigns with various prospecting tools.

Automate Your Valuation Process

GeoData Plus already has an integration with Property Case Manager, one of the leading tax grievance CRM’s. We also have responsive and flexible API solutions so you can integrate with any CRM or platform you work with. Please contact us for more details.

All at the tap of a button

  • Access to 150 million+ properties (residential and commercial)
  • Easily produce accurate valuations through sold and listed comps, or multiple automated valuations
  • Quickly prospect for your next deal by identifying hundreds of thousands of distressed properties and foreclosures

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