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Avoid Valuation Problems

Originators, here’s your opportunity to stop wasting time on loans that are not going to close due to appraisal challenges. GeoData Plus gives you the opportunity to use the same tool appraisers use for property valuation and calculate the correct loan-to-value ratio during the application process. We empower your decision-making process by providing more comprehensive property data for mortgage lenders!

Eliminate Surprises with Reliable Data

Everyone has access to free or inexpensive valuation tools to help them get an idea on the value of a property prior to an appraisal, in order to estimate the loan-to-value ratio. These basic services work, until they don’t. That’s where GeoData Plus comes in! Originators who use GeoData Plus at the time of origination have a much better handle on real property values, and are then able to set realistic expectations for their borrowers.

GeoData Plus offers many ways to ensure that there are no appraisal surprises. If you’re looking for a quick valuation, there are multiple automated valuation models available. We also have a simple but powerful comparable search tool to identify accurate sales comps for lenders every time.

Review Your Appraisals with Ease

With GeoData Plus, you can easily improve your appraisal review process, eliminate doubts, and develop greater confidence in the appraisals you’re receiving. A typical GeoData Plus property report has the information you’ll find in the subject property report of an appraisal, allowing you to quickly confirm the accuracy of the appraisals. Our easy-to-use comparable search tool also allows you to better understand the market and the real estate comps chosen by the appraiser.

Automate Your Lending Process

GeoData Plus can integrate with your existing technology to ease your workflow. We have flexible and affordable API solutions that can save you hours per loan on data collection and analysis. If you’re interested, Please contact us to learn more.

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  • Access to 150 million+ properties (residential and commercial)
  • Easily produce accurate valuations through sold and listed comps, or multiple automated valuations
  • Quickly prospect for your next deal by identifying hundreds of thousands of distressed properties and foreclosures

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