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Make Your Assessments Iron Clad

Do you regularly face challenges with property assessments? Maybe you’ve seen GeoData Plus cited in appraisal reports or even had a comparable sales report submitted to you in an effort to reduce an assessed value. If the private sector is using certain tools to challenge property tax assessments wouldn't you like to have access to those same tools?

GeoData Plus has in-depth property reports and valuation tools so that you can find everything you need for your job in one place.

Access Your Data Like Never Before

As an Assessor, you know that the collection of accurate property data is serious business, and you don’t take that responsibility lightly. Then wouldn’t it be great if your technology helped you see your data in a more meaningful manner?

GeoData Plus collects public record assessor data, along with recorded transactions and other valuable property data from multiple public and private data sources in order to allow you to gain insights on your properties like never before.

A typical GeoData Plus property report has over 300 points of information including photographs of the property from multiple data sources, ownership, legal description, current taxes and assessments, census tract, occupancy, lot/building details, land use, zoning, flood zone, sales/financing, listing and foreclosures, and many more characteristics of the property. Tap into one report for the data you already have, along with data that you don’t, to help you create a complete picture of your properties.

Review Your Appraisals with Ease

Tax grievance professionals use GeoData Plus to help lower assessments. Shouldn’t you be doing the same, to help you work out the fairest assessment for your property tax base? Many Assessors rely on sources of data that wouldn’t be used for an appraisal. So why would they work for an assessment? Or perhaps they’ll access the MLS, which is OK but still leaves holes by not having access to all of the recorded sales.

Not only does GeoData Plus help you determine property value, it helps you defend it. With a few clicks, you can produce a presentation ready market analysis, with market driven adjustments (or your own adjustments) that produce a value that is easy to explain and defend to anyone. As an added bonus, you will get access to multiple automated valuation models (AVM’s) from some of the leading providers in the country.

It’s easy to see why Assessors and tax grievance professionals using GeoData Plus have a valuation advantage, so level the playing field by tapping into our comprehensive and easy-to-use platform today!

Your Technology Partner

Looking for a custom solution? GeoData Plus can partner with your data and IT department to create the tools and analytics you need to produce and defend your assessments. We can also help automate your valuation process, work with you to produce mass valuations, and provide API’s to integrate with and augment existing systems.

This is an optional service. Please contact us to learn more.

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  • Access to 150 million+ properties (residential and commercial)
  • Easily produce accurate valuations through sold and listed comps, or multiple automated valuations
  • Quickly prospect for your next deal by identifying hundreds of thousands of distressed properties and foreclosures

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