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GeoData Classic: Improved Reports, Nassau Sketch, Suffolk Aerial Photography

Posted on 04/01/2004 by GeoData Plus

The latest edition of GeoData Classic includes the following new features due to the popular requests of our valued customers:

Reports: Our assessment, sales, and CMA reports have all been re-made to have a cleaner, more professional look.

Speed: The time it takes to switch counties or to switch between Sales and Assessment reports has been reduced significantly.

Nassau Sketch: GeoData’s new sketch software allows you to view a property all at once, or you can choose which levels you want to see. It even sketches curves!

Suffolk Aerial Photography: GeoData’s Suffolk aerial photography is of the highest quality ever released! With a resolution of .5 feet per pixel, users can clearly view an entire neighborhood.

Suffolk aerial photography is an excellent tool for neighborhood analysis and real estate sales.

Nassau and NYC Commercial Reports: GeoData has released very extensive information on every commercial property in Nassau and New York City. This information includes but is not limited to: income and expense, building square footage, and commercial sketches.

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